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Creates and organizes family history databases
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Create family tree charts, customize content, add new records, member profiles, media files, import official historical records, etc. The suite supports designing and printing custom reports, uploading the data online, etc. Record matching analysis is available.

Family Tree Builder is a free genealogy application by MyHeritage. It offers a comprehensive platform with all the tools necessary to build a family tree. It is a free solution for genealogists undertaking a serious genealogy project, but also for non-professional users who want to trace the history of their family.

In spite of its apparent complexity, the program is easy to use, intuitive, and accessible for everyone. By means of wizards that guide you through every step of the project, it lets you quickly create a tree and add people to it. For every person you add, the application creates a personal record that you can customize with numerous fields and details, with the possibility of adding photos, documents, and even video/audio files. You can preview your tree using different views and styles and create various types of charts and reports that you can customize and print. It is also possible to publish your family tree on a web site that you can share with family and friends.

Among the most salient features of the program is Smart Match, a function that compares your tree to others in in order to discover new family connections. Additionally, various research tools are available to search your family tree or for matching profiles and additional data for any specific person. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the program supports all the common genealogy database formats, including GEDCOM, allowing you to import and export projects.

Family Tree Builder comes in three versions, the free one lets you work with up to 250 people, while the Premium and Premium Plus editions extend the program functionality with additional features.

To sum up, if you're thinking about starting a genealogy project, Family Tree Builder is one of the first alternatives you should consider. It is free, feature-rich, compatible with common formats, and easy to get started with.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Wizards help you get started quickly
  • Numerous useful search tools
  • Easy photo management
  • Supports all the common genealogy databases formats, including GEDCOM
  • Free website


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